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"How to buy your book about options" - Quinson - To Sir - 2011-07-21



(To Sir's Reply) Hi Quinson, Thanks for your comments, regarding the book, please call 27822386 Mr. Leung for HK local delivery. Enjoy! To Siuhung Freeman


(original article) 寄件者: Quinson 日期: 2011/07/15 星期五 下午 11:26:54 HKT 收件者: 主旨: how to buy your book about options Dear Mr. To, Your articles always wake me up and give me a new angle about options. I am looking for your book about options in local book store (SUP chain...) but fail. Could you show me how I can buy one (preferable)? Or direct mailing from you? Your Fans, Quinson. (End)


(Chris’s comment) As a proofreader of “Options Long & Short”, I’m surprised and glad to receive so many inquiries about this book since its publication. From Quinson’s email, I can tell he is an experienced trader looking for inspiration for his options trading strategy. Apart from studying “Options Long & Short”, let me give you a suggestion: Visit Tea House regularly and see what other people are asking To sir. Learning from each other is always a fast track to master options trading.

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